Edelweiss provides financial products to meet the debt requirements of infrastructure companies. These include companies involved in the development of infrastructure projects and in the provision of infrastructure services.
We provide infrastructure finance through the following products:

Senior Debt
Senior Debt ranks ahead of other debt obligations of the borrower with respect to security and right of payment. Such debt is typically secured by the project assets or by the assets of the operating company. We also provide Securitized Debt that is additionally collateralized by the cash flow receivables of the project.

We provide Senior Debt in the form of Term Loans, Project Loans and Bridge Loans.

Mezzanine Finance
Mezzanine Finance products are placed between Equity and Senior Debt of the project company and act as an additional tier in the capital structure. Mezzanine finance is advantageous because it is treated like equity on a company's balance sheet and makes it easier to meet standard bank financing criteria.

We provide Mezzanine Finance in the form of Subordinated Debt, Convertible Debt and Preference Shares.

*Conditions Apply. 
**We reserve the right to sanction the financial assistance.


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